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Handmade Jewellery

Talking about jewelry manufacturing in India is as good as talking about handmade jewelry in India. A major chunk of jewelry in the country is made by independent craftsmen. Traditionally also, a significant part of jewelry manufacturing has been handmade jewelry. Big and feudal families used to have their personal jewelers, who would entertain their demand. These jewelers were expected to design ornaments, keeping in mind the individual needs and desires of customers.

Though the old pattern is shattering and new trend of full-fledged jewelers have come up, the traditional patterns are still followed in rural areas. In case of occasions such as weddings, jewelry is often specially designed to match perfectly with the wedding outfit. The major USP of handmade jewelry is they are really aesthetic and hold a lot of appeal. Mastery of craftsman shines through the jewel, in the form of myriad designs, which is most admirable.

Handmade jewelry is an interactive process, where customer and craftsman sit in front of each other and decide on the design and pattern to be followed. This also asks for great deal of planning and re-planning, like finalizing designs, stones, metal and other embellishments and intricacies. Even during the process of making these ornate handmade trinkets, there are frequent consultations so that any required changes may be incorporated into the ornament.


A Naturally occured form of ruby A Ruby is pink or deep-red coloured stone The main source of the rubies of the world are from the Mogok Valley in Burma. The best colour of the rubies of Myanmar is called as Pigeon’s Blood We can found rubies in the well developed cities like Thailland,Cambodia,Namibia,South Carolina,USA etc Nowadays the rubies are largely found in the Mazambique in Nanhumbir We can classify the rubies in two .


Diamonds are the most valuable and precious stone in the world. It want to go for several processes before it come to the shop. The diamonds are divided into 4-C (Carat,Cut,Clarity,Color) The world’s love of diamonds had its start in India, where diamonds were gathered from the country’s rivers and streams. Some historians estimate that India was trading in diamonds as early as the fourth century BC.? By the 1400s, diamonds were becoming fashionable .

The Kohinoor is one of the oldest and most famous diamonds in the world. The history of the Kohinoor goes back in history to more than 5000 years ago. The current name of the diamond, Koh-i-noor is in Persian and means “Mountain of Light”. Below you will find a timeline of this priceless diamond.

It is believed that the diamond was first mentioned more than 5000 years ago in a Sanskrit script, where it was called the Syamantaka.

In 1849, after the conquest of the Punjab by the British forces, the properties of the Sikh Empire were confiscated.

The Koh-i-noor was transferred to the treasury of the British East India Company in Lahore.

The properties of the Sikh Empire were taken as war compensations. Even one line of the Treaty of Lahore was dedicated to the fate of the Koh-i-Noor.

The diamond was shipped to Britain on a ship where cholera broke out and supposedly the keeper of the diamond lost it for some days and it was returned to him by his servant.

The diamond was handed to Queen Victoria in July 1850.

The Koh-i-noor