A Naturally occured form of ruby

A Ruby is pink or deep-red coloured stone

  • The main source of the rubies of the world are from the Mogok Valley in Burma.
  • The best colour of the rubies of Myanmar is called as Pigeon’s Blood
  • We can found rubies in the well developed cities like Thailland,Cambodia,Namibia,South Carolina,USA etc
  • Nowadays the rubies are largely found in the Mazambique in Nanhumbir

We can classify the rubies in two types namely

Original Rubies

Imitation Rubies


The rubies are used as a prestigious ornament to express the richness of their heritage. Not only ornament they also used for armor,scabbards


Ruby is a type of corundum, and other members of the family are generally known as Sapphires, and the red stone is commonly found intergrown with a variety of different colors of Sapphire.? The names of other colors of corundum, use the word Sapphire combined with the color of the stone, such as Blue Sapphire.

There is an image of it intergrown with Blue Sapphire, further down this page. Ruby’s color is red, and this color comes from the inclusion of chromium within the stone.

The shade of red may differ, as natural crystals can have varying amounts of different minerals within the stones. In the past other varieties of red stones were called rubies, in particular Red Spinel and some types of Red Garnet, until they were able to work out the differences in the 1800’s.