Indian jewellery art is at times divided into three kinds – temple jewellery, spiritual jewellery and bridal jewellery. These are used to adorn the idols of Gods and Goddesses. The statues In India were ornamented with chunky necklaces that were either strung with beads or crafted with intricate filigree.

The jewellery used to adorn the idols was later worn by temple dancers and slowly, the designs became a part of the Indian woman’s bridal jewellery trousseau. Though the idols continued to be decorated with jewellery, a practice seen even today, the jewellery of Indian women also came be made on the pattern. Today, temple jewellery has become open of the most popular crafts of India. During festivals and occasions of worship of Gods, women wear temple jewellery, believed to be auspicious and offer good luck. Jewellery items like pendants, bracelets, belts and brooches based on temple jewellery are very popular amongst women, during auspicious times, and wearing these is believed to bring fortuity to the person. The favourite design for pendants is that of Ganesha – the elephant headed god known to bestow good luck and good fortune. The other emblem, which is also, very much in demand, is that of the sacred syllable OM. These days, the temple jewellery of India is finding a flavour amongst foreigners too.