What is Antique Jewellery ?

The jewellery which is not in mainstream production and of which the mode of production is no longer popular is known by the name of ‘Antique Jewellery’ This kind of jewellery has dull and rough look, combined with an old world-world charm.

  • It takes you back to olden era The jewellery pieces in antique jewellery usually belong to a particular period of history,
  • Those pieces of antique jewellery that are extremely rare are usually sold at auctions, in antique stores and curio shops.
  • They include the jewellery that belongs to the early period of history. It is this rarity of antique jewellery that makes it so appealing.

Antique jewellery embodies the unadulterated jewellery tradition of the country, in the earlier times, concentrating on ethnic motifs and stones, metal and design. The antique jewellery of India is popular not only within its own territorial boundaries, but also finds favour amongst people belonging to UK, USA and other western countries